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John Angelo Cramer

Consulting • Training • Coaching

Helping leaders and teams raise productivity, creativity, attitude, resilience, and overall effectiveness.

A catalyst for virtuosity, John Angelo Cramer guides individuals, teams, and organizations to create paths to brilliance! As a concert violinist in his early career, John learned that to deliver a virtuoso performance requires structure, spontaneity, and discipline. He understood that virtuosity calls for us to work in the space between honoring rules and traditions, taking novel and acceptable risks, and executing with a high degree of skill. Today, John guides businesses to create strategies to identify where they are, where they need to be, and how best to get there to deliver optimal and virtuosic outcomes.

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“Virtuosity comes about in collaborative, safe spaces, where people can freely explore possibilities, generate fresh concepts and propose wild solutions. I help organizations to create these conditions.”

-John  Angelo Cramer

Client and Colleague


Stephanie Masson, MSN, RN, CPPS, CPHQ

Stephanie Masson, MSN, RN, CPPS, CPHQ

Director of Quality & Patient Safety / Heart Hospital of Austin

John is a pleasure to work with, crazy smart, and a true servant leader. He is able to think outside the box to discover solutions.

Neil J. Patel, MHA, MBA, PMP®

Neil J. Patel, MHA, MBA, PMP®

Director / Mount Sinai Health System

John’s ability to help us build effective and collaborative relationships within our team, with partners, and with varying levels of leadership was critical to our success.

Rolf Smith Jr., PhD.

Rolf Smith Jr., PhD.

Thinking Expedition Leadguide / The School for Innovators

John is a real innovator. He explored innovation and creativity in China and Iraq to gain some very different perspectives that led to amazing work with organizations and corporations looking for different thinking.

Barbara Shreffler

Barbara Shreffler

Board Member / Ligmincha Texas

John’s ability to draw out the best in a group is outstanding. After our retreat we were able to implement very positive changes that have resulted in more revenue for the organization and a more cohesive vision for our future.

Shayna Spurlin

Shayna Spurlin

Associate Director / Texas A&M University Health Science Center

John is a master at tackling quality improvement and process improvement in strategic, yet creative ways, and teaching others to do the same . . . . He artfully keeps every participant engaged and helps them channel their own creative energy.

Donna Snover

Donna Snover

Associate Client Services Manager / Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc.

Our team was struggling with how to shift the culture within our department. John helped us understand the psychology of working relationships and the intricacies of culture change. His deep knowledge of process, people, and tools helped Executive Leadership identify where we were, where we want to be, and helped put a plan in place for us to get there.




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